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Thursday, 13 February 2020 21:14

Dangerous Southern Rail Trains

Recently I went to board a train at Arundel station on a Sunday, where there is a service every hour if you fancy a trip out. As usual it turned into a disaster and down right danger. I have put in italics the amusing "sorry, not sorry " parts.

Dear southern rail
On the 1559 Arundel to Chichester. I Walked with my dog along the platform towards front 4 carriages and guard saw  me along with about 5 other people .
The Guard then got back on train, but the dog then decided to pooh on platform, I scooped it up in a bag and I was about a foot from door.
I turned round and train doors were locked, I was pressing the button and it pulled away while I was pressing button and very close to train (inside the yellow line)
There was No call from guard and driver didn't check clear safe platform. Not even shout and i was in the train danger zone and it left.
The Woman in ticket office said i can complain but wont do any good. She said the Driver is in charge not guard and to wait for next one as I missed it.

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