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Thursday, 13 February 2020 21:14

Dangerous Southern Rail Trains

Recently I went to board a train at Arundel station on a Sunday, where there is a service every hour if you fancy a trip out. As usual it turned into a disaster and down right danger. I have put in italics the amusing "sorry, not sorry " parts.

Dear southern rail
On the 1559 Arundel to Chichester. I Walked with my dog along the platform towards front 4 carriages and guard saw  me along with about 5 other people .
The Guard then got back on train, but the dog then decided to pooh on platform, I scooped it up in a bag and I was about a foot from door.
I turned round and train doors were locked, I was pressing the button and it pulled away while I was pressing button and very close to train (inside the yellow line)
There was No call from guard and driver didn't check clear safe platform. Not even shout and i was in the train danger zone and it left.
The Woman in ticket office said i can complain but wont do any good. She said the Driver is in charge not guard and to wait for next one as I missed it.

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Tuesday, 30 August 2016 21:48

Highdown Highpriced low value Tea Rooms

A very popular walking spot on the Angmering border called Highdown Gardens has a reportedly very popular tea room. A recent visit there  with the furry doorstop did not live up to the expectations of the "raving reviews" posted online.

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Sunday, 11 October 2015 19:20

Badly behaved dog OWNERS in restaurants

I met up with school friend for lunch just outside Farnham, she suggested a pub that was dog friendly as i had furry doorstop with me.
on entering the doors, (no anti dog signs) the dog (firmly on a short lead) looked left and a woman sitting next to the door said "that dogs was after my dinner" actually her plate contained something akin to a Brussels spout leaf.

  My friend asked if dogs were allowed, " yes over there in the corner bar or there but not on the carpeted areas"
the only area that wasn't occupied was one corner (round table flanked by small side tables where a couple were sitting. as we approached the woman sitting at the round table said (or declared!) "but we got 3 dogs here!"

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