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Saturday, 26 December 2020 20:23

Worzel Gummidge : the right and the wrong Featured

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Any child of the 80s will know you put a "Wor after W and a Wur after O" and lay bets on which way he would fall in the opening credits but the 2019/2020 version of Worzel allows us much more time to relive our youth and introduce the new generation to have a "slice of tea and a cup of cake"  (much like the Worst Witch) .

With the Xmas 2020 episode where they try and get Nancy back to the sea from Scatterbrook farm, someone on the sofa (not me) pointed out the "errors"

Back ground, the original Worzel was filmed either at Pucknall in Braishfield (Near Romsey) and if you wanted to visit he stood near Fishponds Farm. The 2019/20 version is filmed at Asheridge estate Moneybury Hill, Ringshall, Near Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, HP4 1LT

That being said we will go through what DD who is 17 pointed out in the episode in bold.


mc0658 bus
Plymouth district PD2 MCO658 bus

Bus from Plymouth Showing seaside circular in the country?

Seashell via Penfold.

conductor He is wearing a conductor badge issued by London on a Plymouth bus (and these were stopped in the 80s).
I cant vouch for the uniform accuracy.
loading bath chair in bus "That wont fit". After telling them he "can only carry a wheelchair if its being used for its intended purpose", he loads the bath chair anyway. Wonder if they had same issues  a 3 wheel pushchair has.
bus at stop My observation, The stop flag does actually say "buses towards Penfold via Seashell" but i cant quite read the rest.
Im not sure where the clippy is but he did give 2 proper rings to start the bus.

Classic K6 kiosk.

DD "Thats a cheap call". I cant remember when 5p became the minimum call.
On the adverts for sycamore cabs [The area code 01632 is not allocated to any area], Sycamore is the residing theme in all WG episodes.

The 5 horseshoes (Wessex Ales) where they found the Nancy, is a real pub in Maidensgrove near Henley On Thames. Sorry TV shot  didnt do a full on view

"7 Sisters". This is Cuckmere Haven or Seven Sisters or Coastguard cottages. You can make out the stone by the life belt to the left of the people in the second image.

You can also see Rampian Wind farm off Brighton/Hove coast in another shot.

All images from the episode belong to the BBC and are used for educational purposes.

Other images used under Fairuse.



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