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Sunday, 16 July 2017 06:00

why i hate Chichester cycle routes

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Chichester is one of the smallest cities, with one of the highest tourist rates, and apparently a non existent budget for road maintenance.

it has a glorious cycle route called the Centurian way that skirts the city from the Fishbourne edge all the way to west dean. however some of the access to it is by 1990s design [naff] award winning entrances.

its main downfall is it city center velo route.

several of the roads are clearly marked for cycles but totally unsuitable. i would never dream of cycling down west street but that's another story.
I recently rode from the Lavant Road to the Canal basin and recorded it on the handlebar camera (i wouldn't be seen dead perching one on my hard hat).
Here is the video, purposefully i have not put on image stabilisation so you can appreciate the road conditions. Bike used was a Raleigh emotion array.
I recommend pushing to 1.40 on the video

1:55 the cycle lane cuts left to avoid the junction.
2:05 highly dangerous "fire station roundabout" even if your in front of a car, you must give way to vehicles behind you turning left. most cyclists stay out of the bike lane. its dangerous as you can see by the car that "lawfully" cuts in front.
2:26 out of the bike lane to prevent getting caught in the give way "die of boredom" order.
4:20 signage states no cycling 9.30 to 5.30 except for sunday.
dismount time to walk across pedestrian area.
5:12 the worst section for a cycle lane. i have purposefully left off the video stabilization to show how rough the road is. Its worse coming the other way .


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