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Sunday, 06 October 2019 13:19

West Sussex Concessionary cards Featured

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There are currently 164,747 live English National Concessionary
Travel Scheme bus pass concessions on issue (of which 154,514 are older
person and 10,233 are disabled person)
The number of passes reported as lost/stolen in the year April 2018 - April
2019 is 2458

The number of passes lost/stolen passed to both local and national bus
operators is Zero. If a bus pass is ‘found’ by a bus operator the pass will
usually be returned to the issuing authority. If West Sussex County
Council receives a ‘found’ bus pass we will contact the pass holder in order
to return it to them. If no contact can be made with the pass holder the
pass will be securely destroyed.

Bus operators are not informed of lost or stolen passes by the
TCA. Lost or stolen passes are cancelled and replaced by the Travel
Concession Authority (TCA) or securely destroyed depending on the
individual circumstances.

No passes are currently ‘blacklisted’. The TCA is currently
implementing the ‘hotlisting’ of lost and cancelled passes which will see all
cancelled passes hot-listed (including all lost, stolen or expired passes).
These will in future show as being invalid on bus Electronic Ticket
Machines (ETMs) and will no longer be accepted for travel.

In line with DfT guidance, all bus operators currently accept a bus pass as
long as the pass is in-date and it is being used by the pass holder***. New
guidance is currently being developed to accompany the ‘hot-listing’ of
passes that will prevent a pass being accepted if it does not show on the
bus ETM as being a valid bus pass.

The TCA will respond to any ad-hoc requests from the Police on a case-by-
case basis. The TCA can cancel a bus pass if it is formally requested by
the Police in a vulnerable missing person investigation.

*** This contradicts previous advice where there are 5 points to make a card valid to be used as a flash card if broken or unreadable by the machine.
Rose, date, name, picture, hologram

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