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Sunday, 10 April 2016 19:26

using the bus in sussex

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Buses are  changing, there is a silent revolution among drivers who appear to be reeducating passengers how to catch the bus according to traditional value

Here are the simple rules for using a bus

Put your hand out - don't wave at the bus, don't make penguin wings flaps , point across the road while looking at the bus.

  • Ensure you are at the bus stop in time - waiting for a person to catch a late bus makes the bus even later.
    most bus stops are multi service request stops - that means many different route numbers pass it and you should inicate which one you want. Telepathy is banned.

  • If its dark stand next to the advert and move around near the light so the driver can spot you, dont walk into the road.

  • If the bus is stopped and the doors are shut, don't knock on them. they are made of glass, the driver can see through them. the driver will open them when safe to do so.

  • do you know what ticket you want? then ask the driver! there are no returns on the main services.

  • when you want the bus to stop, ring the bell, tell the driver in advance. the worst words are "i wanted that one"

  • dont stand in the doorway or get up half a mile from the stop.

  • If you dont have your pass or ticket ready then get to the back of the queue.
  • If you have a discounted ticket that requires a pass, show it.

  • if you need to tap your smartcard, then do it when you are facing the driver, dont sneak round the passenger being dealt with. its considered queue jumping.
  • say hello and thank you, especially if you are using the zebra crossing in front of a bus.
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