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Wednesday, 05 April 2017 21:33

Thinnest piece of metal ive seen

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snapped hanger snapped hanger

I have had the bikes for about 6 weeks and seems to be going fine.
That was until at about 10mph, while cruising, a slight "mechanical failure" happened.

The rear derailleur bracket decided to snap, causing the rear derailleur to swing into the spokes, bend the carrier, twist the chain and stop the wheel dead.
Basically the back wheel stopped, i stopped, but the dog didn't.

I rang the bike supplier, and obviously tweeted the images to my friends. The company said that i was outside my 4 week defect period but they would consider paying for the repair.
Taking it to a reputable bike repair center they said it was the thinnest piece of bracket they had seen. It took over a week for the repair. The insurance company said they could get a replacement bike to me in 10 days and the excess would be £150.00 ( I could buy a new bike for that!)

When the bike came back, all seemed to work fine, but im still waiting for the supplier to refund the cost of the work done.

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