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Wednesday, 27 July 2016 20:15

Overzealous interview requirements

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Recently it has become apparent that companies are taking a very impersonal approach to employment requirements. They are becomng possibly nervous over the Right to work act and not falling foul of the immigration act.

Here is a transcript of a recent over the top email chain where the RTW act is overplayed and does not allow any leeway. Bolds added by me for highighting.


Thank you for your recent application and we would like to invite you to come for an interview so we can tell you a little more about the position and the working hours.
Could you please bring a copy your original Passport , Right to Work Visa and your recent CRB although [redacted] company will conduct their own checks. The interview date will be 19/07/16 at 10:15 and address is as follows:
Please confirm if you are able to make this appointment or not.

The response to this very demanding sounding email

I regret i have to decline.
Several points.
I do not have or need a passport.
I do not have or need a right to work permit.
My enhanced check is specific to another organisation .
With thanks and taking into account there was no name to address you

Thank you for your email just to clarify things, the documentation that was listed was for you to prove your identity etc but am glad you were able to show your personality before you were potentially hired by the company. good luck for the future!

and to round that off

Hello [redeacted]
Unfortunately your original email (that arrived very late ) comes over terse and direct. It does not offer any alternatives for people who do not have such documents such as i stated.
Perhaps something you may consider adding that to the email in future. Even a link to government recognised identification list.

another point also noticed, the  company only addressed the applicant by first name.. very rude, use formal names until you know someone.

here is the list of official identifcation documents

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