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Saturday, 25 July 2015 23:00

North Street Messed again!

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&copy david dixon

The owners of the Hanningtons block are looking to fund a big conversion of the lower end of North Street. One of the busiests routes into town. that less than two years ago had a major makeover.

here is their blurb

"As part of this project we are proposing


to carry out streetscape improvements on North Street to enhance the shopper experience, public transport infrastructure and overall environment..."

"We believe that this proposal will be good for all stakeholders, creating an environment on North Street that will encourage visitors to come and stay longer, which will modernize and enhance bus infrastructure"

Theere have already been cries of danger and despair from the cycling and bus communities, to show how 'narrow' minded the planners are, compare the two pictures. Specifically look down to wards the bus and the landrover & taxi overtaking them".

I suppose the easiest way of not having a dangerous overtake or passing cyclists room is just not to be here. Perhaps they should just lower their rents to make shops stay there longer. ~~

Pictures  from http://www.brightonbusiness.co.uk/secure/assets/ni20140606.524392_53917fe8394.pdf

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