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Wednesday, 15 March 2017 20:21

New name - non existent service.

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I will never learn. recently friend F and i decided to go for a carvery and booked on line at a re branded harvester, now called 'Stonehouse Pizza & Carvery'.
The booking part went fine, the car park had spaces, the restaurant was not busy. and that's where it all went downhill.
at the reception desk (two women with a laptop) we were behind a couple who were being told they should have booked, and there might be space in the bar. i commented quietly i'm glad we did.
so i gave my surname, and that was checked, and then... i have NEVER ever been addressed by my first name in ANY restaurant by a member of staff.

 We were then shown to a table with a home made reserved sign on and asked if the table was ok, it was, and then she walked off.
After 18 minutes i suggested we go up and work out how to get served. asking a man filling the ice cream machine he said, "weren't  you told, you go to the bar". so no, drinks order taken, no traditional harvester service. we got our vouchers, and joined the queue.
The carver (wouldn't venture calling him a chef) dropped more on the hotplate than he did on the plate, and proceeded to scoop off the hotplate and put it on our plates. he did at least carve the red meat with different knives.
and the veg, UGH. The roast potatoes look like they had exploded in the oven. Looked more like roasted mash potato.
The chips looked like they had seen better chip shops.  Normally i would but this time i made the vow not to go for a refil.

10 minutes after finishing our meal, the first waitress turned up and asked if everything was ok. looking at the desert menu i spotted something unusual . "BANANA & CHOCOLATE SWEETIZZA" from the menu it states 'Sweetizza is our word for a sweet pizza. Our signature dough baked with banana and Cadbury® chocolate spread, topped with vanilla flavoured ice cream and marshmallows.'
i 7 inch pizzaa dough made by some 5 year old (think badly shaped pitta bread), with a knife worth of chocolates something. On top of this they sprinkled, a few mini marshmallows, a sliced banana and ONE small dollop of vanilla ice cream. i would waste time taking a picture. I will be every asking forgiveness from my taste buds. Lord knows what the "BANOFFEE QUESADILLA - Sliced banana and toffee sauce encased in a tortilla and baked in our pizza oven. Served with vanilla flavoured ice cream" looks or taste like .
On top of this , i was given a knife and fork to eat this with, no spoon till i requested one.

When will i ever learn, also friend F does not know i wrote this, and will probably never suggest lunch with me again.

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