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Thursday, 14 February 2019 21:33

Midhurst Bridge. Twinned with Patcham Treacle mine & Wigan Pier

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I came, I saw, I ducked.

Recently i was introduced to the lesser known Midhurst Bridge. Every one knows it has a tunnel remaining from the Chichester to Midhurst (or vice versa) railway and is currently full of bats and terminates at Holmbush.
The bridge is one of those awesome sights that is best viewed when the wind is right and the sun is in a parabolic eclipse. The Highways department know exactly where it is as can be seen from their regulation road sign as you approach its last known location.

Ranked up there with the treacle mine at Patcham (North of Brighton) or the historic Wigan Pier, it is a marvelous piece of engineering that needs hunting down like Laputa. Somewhere just East the castle (where those who crossed the bridge have their portraits hung from the battlements) you can find it signposted coming North along the A286. However as the sign shows its to the right at an impressive 6ft6in high (duck), as soon as you turn the signs change to width ! An amazing feet of engineering.


Patcham treacle mine.

Patcham near Brighton already had a well established treacle mine dating back to the 19th century when in 1871 Peter Jones a scientist, who had long suspected the existence of treacle rock, sank his first shaft. He did not hit rock but a gusher- which spouted for three days, covering the countryside for several miles around with a fine rain of treacle. After three days Peter Jones brought the gusher under control. From that day onwards, the treacle mine provided employment for many Patcham families. They jealously guarded the privilege of free treacle, (tins not provided) which were handed down from father to son in the families of the original twenty employees. http://www.treacleminer.com/Mines/Patcham.html

Wigan Pier - See video below
Some people say that there's a pier in Wigan town somewhere
George Formby said it led to t'sands on stilts up in the air
Some folks'll say that it's a myth but I don't think that they're right
'Cos I once fell off yon Wigan Pier staggering home one night

'Cos it's long and it's strong and it leads nowhere
You can see it when the weather is clear
If you feel inclined, if you've got the time
You can spend a lovely day on Wigan Pier

I've taken part in catching tripe in waters deep and clean
You dangle mint balls on a string and hope that they are seen
Thy sticks of tripe'd swim around all shiny bright and new
And just to show where they come from, there's Wigan written all through

One day I saw the QE2 come sailing up to t'pier
The bunting flew and t'brass band played to show the Queen were here
She stepped ashore to thundrous cheers and started to recall
"I've seen some piers throughout the years but this pier beats 'em all!"

So if you are told that there's a pier in Wigan town somewhere
Don't laugh it off like others do, look round, you'll see it there
It's spick and span and painted white and standing out a mile
But if you're asked just where it is, don't say much, just smile!



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