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Thursday, 27 April 2017 19:57

inclusive or exclusive

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Recently an organisation I work for held a meeting following a slight reshuffle. This group is currently flying the "everyone is included" banner and promoting accessibility (aka a11y*).

While at the 'decide a date' stage, the facilitator asked what was preferred, Google Hangouts or Skype. When one of the members complained that it was not really suitable for them and could it be audio recorded if it was on hangout.

The rest of the members decided that they would hold the meeting on hangout. On the day of the meeting, those present except one agreed that they would do a video call. Again one member who asked not to have this happen, was outvoted so the member couldn't/didn't take part.
What was the big issue with hangout ? Did they have something to hide? Were they naked in front of the computer? Nope. The person has a hearing impermanent aka deaf. They cant lipread fast enough on hangout, Some people delight in not showing their faces but their porcelain cat collection while on chats. The audio would have been great for the member to listen at leisure or get transcribed and hearing aids dont come with subtitles. 
Perhaps they should have not pushed aside conventional chat so quickly with the words "if were not doing video, we might as well use glip" which is odd considering Glip has a video conferencing utility.

*a11y is a stupid acronym type word that fills the 11 missing letters from the word accessibility with the number 11


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