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Wednesday, 18 November 2015 16:41

i shut down a charities mailing list.

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Many organisations use email services such as mailchimp or constantcontact.
This may be good to get round many email restrictions by hosts for the emailer but is often bad news for the emailee.

Here is the scenario that meant i single handed managed to get a national charity email list shut down.

I contacted the organisation in question years ago for something. This year i got an email  from them asking for the usual £ per month. I ignored it.  Then  i got more emails from them. As someone who dislikes the "tracking" idea, amd a definiate opt outer. clicked the unsubscribe link that failed. I also sent the email service stating the error and wishing to be removed providing a list of emails and blacklisted by their site. They responded confirming they had done.

A charity that somehow got my {oddly the same } email address sent me an email from the same email service. Annoyingly the email was only in html and yes I have block remote content removed in my mail client. I clicked the unsuscribe and it told me that the email was banned.

I then emailed the organisation and asked;
When i was signed up
How i was signed up
the IP of the signup

from the organisation
"Thanks for your email and feedback.

We are trialling [name] at the moment and  looking into the technical issues."

I also emailed the service and reconfirmed i was on their blacklist and sent the headers from the email.
they responded that the ".....global unsubscribe list. This means the email address listed above will no longer receive email campaigns sent through [name]
We are also investigating the list collection process for this particular account. "

Next i get an email from the organisation via traditional email servers that due to technical difficulties they need everyone who wishes to subscribe to their newsletters to click a  link [ with their new email service]
Turns out they had mass subscibed every one against many spam rules and the services T&C. they must have got a right royal slap.

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