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Tuesday, 13 October 2015 09:33

Clocktower western road signal disaster

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Here is some of the reasoning behind the lastest mess up with the central corridor

1. Dyke road/Churchill square,
clock tower junctions. In spring/summer 2015, this junction had a major
sequencing change. Please provide
Q2 - all correspondence regarding this change,

A2 - Correspondence attached.

 Q3 - the reasoning behind this change,
A3 – To reduce the cycle time of the traffic signals in order to
reduce overall delay and to improve safety.

Q6 - the effect that this change has had on the air quality.
A6 – I believe that air quality is measured over a longer period of time than has yet expired
since the change but I don’t have access to the figures or specialist
knowledge. It would be better to speak to an officer involved in air
quality directly, the contact that I have been given is
[email address]

 Q7 - any recorded objections/ complaints involved in this change.

A7 – There have been several calls asking for
information about the change and one of those has asked to be recorded as
an official complaint. No written complaints have been received to date.



We are going to alter the phasing and staging of the traffic signals at the Clocktower/Churchill Sq. I’ve e-mailed Buses about this (and the changes are at his request) but haven’t had a response. I think that it would be a good idea to warn your [taxi] drivers of the change before we do them, it will only effect the exit of Western Rd onto North St and Queens Sq.

The advantage of doing this is that the signal sequence can be reduced from 6 stages to 4 and that will make it much shorter so that each stage will come around quicker and they will effectively get more time. Very little traffic comes out of Queens Sq so it shouldn’t be a problem although we will monitor that (and be grateful for feedback).


Sent: 27 January 2015 09:40
I have agreed to revise the staging at the Clocktower/Churchill Sq so that Queens Sq and Western Rd go green at the same time. Previously these stages conflicted but the feeling is that Queens Sq is lightly trafficked and almost entirely composed of taxis so there is no reason why it couldn’t go green at the same time the buses & taxis come out of Western Rd.


Sent: 23 July 2015 20:50    

With regard to the question “There is concern over the safety of the new light sequencing at Queen Square/Western Road. Pedestrians are finding it confusing as well as drivers.

There has been no change to the pedestrian facilities other than a reduction in the time before the crossing goes to green man. Can they give more details on what it is that’s confusing?

Traffic SIgnals


Sent: 03 August 2015 15:40

Subject: FW: Queens square traffic lights protect

It looks like drivers are having problems with this junction. They say the buses also ignore the right of way of vehicles coming out of Queen Square

Unless a taxi is evident coming out of queens square, a bus from the starting line can be at 10 mph by the time it gets to the middle of the junction and with usually no indiciation from the emerging taxi, it could be forced to brake utting passenger safety at risk.



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