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Monday, 03 August 2020 19:57

c19 cycle lane vs cyclists Featured

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Chichester showcase protected c19 cycle lane is being built to go from the railway station to the Hospital. Despite the route it is taking is not the most direct route, nor is it the favoured route, nor one that people would consider taking. The council have decided that with their share of the Covid funding they would build this route.

So far they have apparently only done the College Lane/Oaklands/New Park road end but already people can see its failed in its job.

They are using flexible wands as lane markers, but either someone in the council is a shareholder in the wand company or there was a sale on. They have used so many you cant see the wood for the trees.

Visually while driving the wands blur into each other as they make the previous 2 lane roundabout a single lane.

While cycling there is no clear entry/ exit points for a cyclist to navigate the RB. This could mean that people decide their own exit into the path of a non telepathic driver.
Signs or clear exit/entry points could help drivers judge a cyclists next move.

It also appears to be that a cyclist navigating the RB will have to give way to vehicles behind them, an issue that happens at the firestation RB and causes many cyclists to not use the existing cycle lane.

I have a bet that the first accident or incident happens within days of the scheme opening.

Can you spot the exit / entry point.


Look at where the car has stopped, no clear exit point for cyclist
unless its over the bonnet

Yes the are bolted in all the way across




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