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Tuesday, 11 August 2015 23:39

Bus spotters - the pain Featured

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There is a certain breed of bus lovers, the anoraks, different to the geek variety.

Anoraks are the traditional people who sit on the kerb with a little book of numbers, sandwhiches and a thermos flask. Brighton has a regular company of these people. Now, do not get me wrong, i do not mind people attending bus rallies and taking pictures (except where they ask you to turn the bus aroaund to get the better picture), i do mind the people who step out in front of you or distract you to get the money shot.
we have several techniques for the photographers.

You can slightly move the bus to the side to avaoid a pigeon or something.
You can forget that you have placed your hi-viz on the dashboard.

Wave at the photographer, or you can make it very clear you are taking their picture. on one day this week was a very rare occasion where there were 4 standing together and one standing the other side of the fountains,


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