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Sunday, 17 April 2016 19:45

Brighton and Hove bus stop problems

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While travelling on the buses i notice a few slight issues with the bus stops in the area

In the university,  sussex house should  build out to level with road as impossible to safely get a bus in without running people over or pushing them into the bush.

  • North south road. make set down only as loading 40+ people can block the road.
  • BACA/stanmer park inbound - kessel kerb at wrong end .
  • BACA outbound - children run accross road as perceived distance to safe crossing too far.
  • Waitrose west bound - stop too short, encourages people to cut in and can be dangerous.
  • Holmbush way west end - stop designed for rear loading, flag in wrong place.
  • Clarence square to close to Churchill.
  • Natal road and others splitbus shelters cause confusion which to stand at.
  • Portland Street -shelter at wrong end.
  • Falmer Road, whenthe bus sops at the yellow line like it should, the bar are in the way
  • I am going to add the Clock Tower stop outside Boots to that list. Why a bus stop has to be situated right on top of a set of traffic lights I don't know.
  • The same principle can be applied to Waitrose w/bound. Why not do away with both Clarence Square and Waitrose w/bound stops and have a new stop near to the top of Preston Street instead?
  • palmeira Square heading into town, make this just one stop like it is on the other side of the road Same for St.Peters Church heading towards London Road shops.
  • Outside Boots, move that stupid post that cyclists chain their bikes to. Move the bus shelter slightly back & remove the 27's from stopping there. How silly is it that they serve there & then JUST round the corner at the TOP of North Street.
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