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Thursday, 20 January 2022 18:21

Boots the Chemist can not process real film!? Featured

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Still using c41 process 35mm film , do not take it to Boots .

I entered store to put in several of 35mm film for developing. went to photo section to find a bank of self service PYO machines. went to pharmacy counter, told man i want to process some films, he pointed to machines and said "you do photos over there" i replied these are from a camera and i need the 35mm films developed. he said, yes, just plug the camera into the machine. i responded and said they are real film and needed to be developed first. he told me to go to the front of the store. at chichester there is no "front of the store" the main cashiers are located halfway down the store on one side. as the people there were in front of a load of electrical items i assumed they were that department.

I located a person on the floor who told me that the cahsiers deal with it. i went back to the cash desks and a girl responded i needed to go to the photo section to get my pictures printed off the phone camera. i showed her a film canister and said i needed these developed and a disc made. she responded that the machines would take my discs. i re repeated what i wanted so she called another girl over who asked what she should do with "these things" the girl said she didnt know and to get a bloke (names forgotton) . he came down and explained what to do. while the original girl, now the bloke and another girl watched on.

(head count so far - pharmacy guy, make up girl, original cashier, male and 2 cashiers = 6) after pointing out i had several films and she wrote the envelopes, she told me they would be back the 3rd Jan. just after the 3rd i rang the store and the automated system told me to pres a number for the photo department, but it kept saying it was busy and to try later. I went to the pharmacy option (assumption of chemist processig films) who told me there was no photo department [so why have an option for it] and she couldnt see the films.

About the 17/18 i went in to the store and asked the girl at the central cashiers who went off to look . She came back and told me that they werent ready and it may take a month more to process them. At this point i raised the repeated issues with a person i was told was a manager. who wore no name badge, could have been anyone and from the look in his eyes couldn't really be bothered with my complaint. He gave me a slip of paper with your contact details. So thats now 9 people 4 weeks,possibly 8 weeks because you sent my films to germany for develop and disc?

Friday 28th Jan from boots:
Thanks for getting in touch. We're sorry to learn about your recent experience and we appreciate you bringing it to our attention. Can you please confirm if the store was Selsey High Street or Chichester 10-12 North Street so we can have this logged and raised with the Stores Management Team directly. Please also confirm your full name and contact details.

Friday 28th Jan from me
Fri 1:55 PM 
Any news ?
You sent my films abroad without permission
Mon 12:56 PM i am still waiting for my films
Tue 2:45 PM i assume i now get them free?

Tue 2:48 PM Thursday 3rd

Hello Mr Mandville, So we can pass this to the store manager and get them to contact you directly please can you provide us with your contact number and email.

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