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Thursday, 02 February 2017 20:27

Bognor Bus Stops

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A while ago i posted about the Brighton area bus stops that just didn't make sense. this time i will post about Bognor and Chichester.

Bognor town center has a good one by the post office where the yellow box (remember buses should stop on the yellow line if the bus stop is empty) that goes way beyond the kerb and blocks the side road.
This means buses have to pull up short to service it and by doing so block the loading bay.

Another bus stop has set of railings right next to the flag and half way into the yellow box.

In Aldwick there is a bus stop outside an oap home that has parking outside. the best way to serve this stop seems to drive 50 ft down the road into the double yellow line area and that's where people actually stand, not next to the flag.

In Pagham there is a bus stop that is still inherent from rear loaders. After the bus turns right to serve church farm stop, when level, the bus doors open straight into a bramble bush.

In Elmer at the terminus, there is a bus shelter on the side of the road heading into town, but the only way a bus can stop there is to reverse down someones driveway.

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