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Sunday, 11 October 2015 19:20

Badly behaved dog OWNERS in restaurants

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I met up with school friend for lunch just outside Farnham, she suggested a pub that was dog friendly as i had furry doorstop with me.
on entering the doors, (no anti dog signs) the dog (firmly on a short lead) looked left and a woman sitting next to the door said "that dogs was after my dinner" actually her plate contained something akin to a Brussels spout leaf.

  My friend asked if dogs were allowed, " yes over there in the corner bar or there but not on the carpeted areas"
the only area that wasn't occupied was one corner (round table flanked by small side tables where a couple were sitting. as we approached the woman sitting at the round table said (or declared!) "but we got 3 dogs here!"

i said, we'll tuck ourselves into the corner, and friend looked around the corner for another table but there wasn't any.
So we at in this side table with furry doortop tucked out the way, I go to get the menus and then the women grabbed the dogs tightly as i walked passed. I said, "there aren't many places for dogs in this bar".
On my return, FD (furry doorstop) was tucked in and lying in a happy husky position. friend gave me a look that implied i should look to the round table. The couple had stood up, gathered their dogs and stormed off. Just after they got up and vanished their food arrived.
Companian couldn't believe the people just got up and left, so we kept an eye out for them leaving but they didn't. They had taken their dogs and effectively stormed off down the other side of the restaurant.
We carried on discussing it while the badly behaved terror lying at my feet snored away. She didn't even wag her tail in the couples direction.
If you cant trust your dogs in a public place, when they could go into pack mode then stay at home!
The bar staff were great, bought over a bowl of water for FD , who barely lifted her head in appreciation, she was amazingly well behaved according to my friemd, only doing the obligatory begging when we had finished.
Oh the only other let down was the menu
"we launched a new menu today, there arent any specials as the chefs need to learn the menu" err what??
My fish and and both our chips would have been better if it wasn't smothered in rock salt, prior to delivery.

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