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Friday, 05 April 2019 11:00

Are birthdays over rated? Featured

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As some of you know, i hate the over commercial "days" such as mothers day or fathers day or secretary day etc. This also extends to having a bad memory for birthdays and yes, it is well known that i don't do 25th December in the way most people do. The later mainly spring from my work and personal life in my formative years.

However as this year is meant to be a special one and a big event is expected to happen, i have been reviewing if i should celebrate it or not. I feel that arranging an event where i have to choose who attends, who sits next to who without it turning into a murder mystery night was impracticable. Not withstanding the making of name badges and cringe worthy pictures on display.
In this speech i would like to thank the people who have made me what i am and helped me get here. From school friends who i still talk to, and those i don't, you all have an important place in my life story (and photo albums). I would like to thank especially those who are still here even after i become ill not long after leaving school and helped me though my recovery.

Yes, i do still:
* collect (an increasing amount of) pound puppies,
* sit on the beach in the middle of the night when i can,
* take too many photos especially on real film,
* climb hills just to see the view and get a trig point selfie,
* look at old buildings and work out their history

Thank you to the people who i have met via my faith at and other events such as BCDO, Gamesmakers etc may we grow together.
For those who carry my heritage but not my name, i will continue to support and encourage you in everything you do even when i cant see you all the time.

For those who met me with open minds and hearts after many years apart, i thank you.

Many know i don't have a relationship with all the members of my direct family, and some who i am still in touch with and for that i am grateful, even if we don't meet up as we should.

There are some special people who i have known for decades who despite bounces on both sides are still around . You deserve my respect, admiration and love where due.

So for the next part of my story i will start by once again thanking you for being a part of the dash between the dates. If you wish to comment, feel free.

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