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Sunday, 18 September 2016 18:53

Another way to be overcharged by 1and1

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1and1 have history for overcharging or attempting to charge people to pay charges for odd items.  Here is another method they have. As they place several contracts under an account, if you wish to split that account and have two accounts to spread your contracts, then 1and1 will charge you for the pleasure. They consider that a new contract and also as an imported new domain, even if its the same person !


The domain [redacted] will renew on Sep 22, 2016. Regarding to transferring the domain to a new account.
When we transfer the domain to the new account before it renews, the system will automatically bill the domain name once this becomes active to the new account.
If we transfer the domain after it renews, the system will raise a renewal fee for the domain name.
If you transfer the domain now, the system will still charge this once it becomes active to the new account even if you already paid for the renewal.
So they are charging you twice for something you already paid for becasue thats the way the system works.
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