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Wednesday, 27 July 2016 20:15

Overzealous interview requirements

Recently it has become apparent that companies are taking a very impersonal approach to employment requirements. They are becomng possibly nervous over the Right to work act and not falling foul of the immigration act.

Here is a transcript of a recent over the top email chain where the RTW act is overplayed and does not allow any leeway. Bolds added by me for highighting.

Saturday, 25 June 2016 23:08

I dont go to conferences

Before the new conference season starts its time to get the rant out of the way. For years i have been asked if i am attending certain conferences. its nice to be invited to go to a conference, or even select the ones i am interested in and can actually afford to go to but here are the main reasons i dont go to conferences.

Tuesday, 07 June 2016 02:09

chronoengines extensions

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chronoforms and other chronoengine extensions

developer's site was infected with malware, but is now reviewed as "safe" according to Google transparency report.

see https://www.google.com/transparencyreport/safebrowsing/diagnostic/?hl=en#url=chronoengine.com

The VEL do not know of any recent reports of vulnerabilities in the extensions themselves....

Stored XSS and SQL Injection in SecurityCheck and SecurityCheck Pro Vulnerable Versions: 2.8.9 (possibly below)

resolution: update to version 2.8.10

update notice: https://securitycheck.protegetuordenador.com/index.php/downloads/securitycheck-j3x



Wednesday, 05 December 2001 06:00

kunena,4.0.10,Information Disclosure

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kunena,4.0.10,Information Disclosure


Developers update link


Wednesday, 05 December 2001 06:00

JoomDOC,4.0.3 information Disclosure

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JoomDOC,4.0.3 ,Information Disclosure...

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