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I first met Robin in september 2014. He was sat on the road side looking quite forelorn but had the usual personality beacon.
His ex owner didnt seem to really care abouthim, he had a dodgy tyre that was over 15 years old. (later found out it was both of them but couldnt seethe tyre wall that resembled the grand canyon till later.
he had a totally unsuitable gas cannister in front of him who uses patio gas in a caravan!? APart from that heall seemed towork. (oh theres a new battery as the last one got stolen - along with the leisure charger)
Since putting him on the backof Katie, i dont think  ever had a nicer sight locking my rear view mirror.


Sunday, 03 July 2016 16:15

ebay robin june 16

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Taken from ebay advert no number available. looks like late 70 van 14/2
My wonderful caravan is available for someone else to enjoy as I no longer have a car to tow it with and it's just sat on my Dads drive way. It has been brilliant for festivals/holidays. It is a 1982 make 'Robin' and has it's original radiator, oven, grill, hobs, sink, and fridge, ye olde cassette deck and other features.