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how badly can you describe a pub meal?

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We would have had better value going to motorway service station. The really [ sarcasm ] clued in [/ sarcsm ]barman seemed lost when he took food orders, when i asked what the chefs pie was, he went to check and came back and said "there isnt one"

The menu board had the usual pub items on it, 2 of us had chosen the roast of the day (beef). On the board there was also beef chillies <?> and what was written as bacon and cheese burger, beef or chicken with chips and onion rings
so one of us chose the beef, i said quite specificically,  "a plain chicken burger, and do the chips come salted"

"then no salt anywhere near mine"

After over half an hour the two beef roasts came out. slices of roast beef under a layer of onion gravy.
about 5 minutes later came the two burgers, start the disaster.
The woman (later found was the chef and owner) stated that this was the last chicken burger.
I immediately saw it had cheese on it, so i pointed out that it should have been a plain chicken burger, cheese wasnt mentioned at all and as for the chips, about a dozen nachos replaced them. She said it was her last chicken burger, i said "and if your considering just scraping the cheese of that wont do as i'm allergic to cheese". her response, "well i dont have beef either, and chips are additional extra"

We then went through the menu and the only thing that seemed appealing afterwards was the ham, eggs and chips.
when that came, the chips were decent but the ham was not exactly carved style. She did bring a portion of chips for the other burger. obviously by now the other roasts were demolished.
At the end of the meal, the barman was clearing the plates and asked if things were ok . i said honestly after the disaster on the burgers they were ok. but could i have the managers contact details.

While  we were discussing things the woman came up and said she was the manager and owner and what was wrong, adding "he got his chips". i asked her to get the order dockets, she said "we dont have them" so i asked her to bring the order pad and compare what the board said to what we got.
I went to the menu board and explained what it said and read, compare that to the toally different order and the chips werent chips. and when i ordered the barman didnt make any comments. her repsponse, "there was a lack of communication, lets leave it at that!" err no way. she then went to the table and asked the others if their meals were ok, she then said rather loudly "3 out of 4 is good"
later one of the other people said that if they werent in good company they would have left mid meal
nope. 4 out of 4 is good .

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