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Friday, 26 February 2016 20:49

Fantastic Foster flat

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Beng an avid reader / listener of hoorr/ghost/mystery  fiction and  having some extra time recently while on holiday (aka no internet and bad tv reception) i was recommended a new to me author whle waiitng for the latest victoria laurie to be released and not having Horror theatre from the net.

Orrin Jason Bradford has a wide rang of subject material  but i opted for his short story collection, fantastic fables of foster flat.

if you remember the  5 minute mystery series then this is the one for you. it is briminging with the total mix from "coming home" stories to the "but what happened to..." and even some "why didnt they see that coming.." stories.

I am next planning to see if the next book from him is in the same easy to read style or throws some must read  the next bit moments

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