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Tuesday, 13 October 2015 09:33

Clocktower western road signal disaster

Here is some of the reasoning behind the lastest mess up with the central corridor

1. Dyke road/Churchill square,
clock tower junctions. In spring/summer 2015, this junction had a major
sequencing change. Please provide
Q2 - all correspondence regarding this change,

Sunday, 11 October 2015 19:20

Badly behaved dog OWNERS in restaurants

I met up with school friend for lunch just outside Farnham, she suggested a pub that was dog friendly as i had furry doorstop with me.
on entering the doors, (no anti dog signs) the dog (firmly on a short lead) looked left and a woman sitting next to the door said "that dogs was after my dinner" actually her plate contained something akin to a Brussels spout leaf.

  My friend asked if dogs were allowed, " yes over there in the corner bar or there but not on the carpeted areas"
the only area that wasn't occupied was one corner (round table flanked by small side tables where a couple were sitting. as we approached the woman sitting at the round table said (or declared!) "but we got 3 dogs here!"

Monday, 14 September 2015 19:12

London road has greatly improved! - not quite

The London Road Action Team https://londonroadlat.wordpress.com/ and "visitlondonroad" @visitlondonroad are continually ( and often rightly) campaigning for improvements to the London Road area. BUT, there are several things they seem to have turned a blind eye to.

Sunday, 13 September 2015 20:00

when can a bike use a bus lane in Brighton

Nearly every cyclist believes its their right to use a bus lane, esecially St Peters or Gloucester Place. They get veryupset when they are reminded that they are
Monday, 07 September 2015 21:19

Keep left unless you are in portslade.

Technically it is illegal to pass a keep left sign on the right.

Portslade level crossing is one of the busiest crossings around. Its timed so that the trains pass within a few minutes of each other but for time saving of the lines, they keep the gates lowered until both trains have passed. this can cause a delay of several minutes for traffic.
unless your these people of course.
Saturday, 29 August 2015 20:39

how badly can you describe a pub meal?

We would have had better value going to motorway service station. The really [ sarcasm ] clued in [/ sarcsm ]barman seemed lost when he took food orders, when i asked what the chefs pie was, he went to check and came back and said "there isnt one"

The menu board had the usual pub items on it, 2 of us had chosen the roast of the day (beef). On the board there was also beef chillies <?> and what was written as bacon and cheese burger, beef or chicken with chips and onion rings
so one of us chose the beef, i said quite specificically,  "a plain chicken burger, and do the chips come salted"

Thursday, 20 August 2015 18:30

Car parking anpr and data protections

One of the car parks in worthing has recently changed to ANPR recognition and charging. They also apparently allow for a major lapse in personal security or some other data protection failure.

When you come to pay, you enter 3 digits of your car registration. not really a roblem but the system then shows a selection of images with rough matches. In these images it is possible to identify the driver.

This can lead to people "randomly " selecting a car and then identify the driver from the image.
Note this is the inly car park i know where you  go in the right and come out the left. aka the wrong side of the road.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015 23:39

Bus spotters - the pain

There is a certain breed of bus lovers, the anoraks, different to the geek variety.

Anoraks are the traditional people who sit on the kerb with a little book of numbers, sandwhiches and a thermos flask. Brighton has a regular company of these people. Now, do not get me wrong, i do not mind people attending bus rallies and taking pictures (except where they ask you to turn the bus aroaund to get the better picture), i do mind the people who step out in front of you or distract you to get the money shot.
we have several techniques for the photographers.

You can slightly move the bus to the side to avaoid a pigeon or something.
You can forget that you have placed your hi-viz on the dashboard.

Wave at the photographer, or you can make it very clear you are taking their picture. on one day this week was a very rare occasion where there were 4 standing together and one standing the other side of the fountains,


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