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Friday, 24 June 2022 12:05

Pizza Rebellion rebels against users

Pizza machines in various locations across sussex where you can tap into a screen your order and a few minutes later its delivered, a fast food vending machine.

These are obviously popular with the numerous cheese loving junkies but as they are built inside a shipping container cause some issues with the less mobile snackers around. eg wheelchair users

When we raised concerns with the owner on twitter, they responded with the following polite

Thursday, 27 January 2022 20:19

Talking bus stops in Chichester are a fail

Talking bus stops are one of those things you never know about unless someone with a small key fob sets them off.
Much like the bolts under a crossing control box, they can be useful to many, but the chichester ones are a joke.  They sound like Max Headroom, where they work.

Bus stops so far found
Westgate, Cathedral Old Post Office , Cathedral 700, Hornet, Market Avenue 51/56.

Here are some of the clips from these stops.

Thursday, 20 January 2022 18:21

Boots the Chemist can not process real film!?

Still using c41 process 35mm film , do not take it to Boots .

I entered store to put in several of 35mm film for developing. went to photo section to find a bank of self service PYO machines. went to pharmacy counter, told man i want to process some films, he pointed to machines and said "you do photos over there" i replied these are from a camera and i need the 35mm films developed. he said, yes, just plug the camera into the machine. i responded and said they are real film and needed to be developed first. he told me to go to the front of the store. at chichester there is no "front of the store" the main cashiers are located halfway down the store on one side. as the people there were in front of a load of electrical items i assumed they were that department.

Chichester at 1230 Car parked on double yellow lines Area marked no stopping buses only Prevented a bus and lorry leaving side Road. Both vehicles had to reverse to get angle.

Hi Mandville, thanks for letting us know about this incident. We're sorry to hear about it. Before riding with Deliveroo, every rider completes a course in road safety training. Beyond this, all Deliveroo riders are given extra guidance to help make sure they're focused on road safety whenever they work with us. We expect all Deliveroo riders to obey the rules of the road. Your feedback informs the work our Rider Engagement Team do to make sure that we reinforce the importance of safety at all times when working with Deliveroo. Once again, we're sorry for your experience.

Wednesday, 15 September 2021 16:18

subway (not) accessible toilet. Update 18-9-21

Recently i visited subway in Ryde on the Isle of Wight, their accessible tolet was anything but accessible. I complained to Subway UK who told me to contact the franchise owner. Here is the chat.

Dear ,

I want to take a moment to thank you for contacting me and sharing your feedback regarding your recent Subway® experience.  

I appreciate your feedback and the time you took to share your point of view.  I apologize your last visit did not meet your expectation.  We would like all customers to be able to enter the restaurant, be served the food they have ordered and have a positive experience during every part of their visit. I have shared your feedback to improve our customer service.  

Thank you for being a loyal Subway® guest and we look forward to serving you again in the future.

and here is my  response.

Friday, 01 January 2021 20:09

Chichester pop up cycle lane safety audit


Stage 3 Road Safety Audit

2.1.4 The Audit Team visited the site together on 22"“ September between 8am and 1pm. The weather
was dry and overcast/ sunny intervals. The road surface was dry during the site visit. There was
a steady flow of traffic and a medium flow of pedestrians and cyclists. The site visit was also
attended by West Sussex Police and‘ of West Sussex County Council.

The purpose of the scheme is to reallocate road space to cyclists to encourage more cycling trips
during the COVID-19 pandemic, through the use of segregation provided by traffic wands and other
temporary traffic management measures, signing and road markings.

The greatly discussed covid cycle lane or AKA wands of change AKA traffic jam creator was the subject of another FOI asking for a report on the safety review and consultation before removal . Here is an extract of the report with the most interesting areas highlighted. You can download the full reports and the unsafe/not fit for use sections at the end.

Due to the limited time available as set out in the grant conditions, it was not possible to undertake wider public consultation. The Traffic Management Act 2004 has been specifically amended to enable swift implementation of these emergency works. Consequently, consultation was limited to key stakeholders including, West Sussex and District/Borough Council Members; emergency services; bus operators; Freight Services and key WSCC Officers. It was expected that District and Borough Officers would undertake the necessary internal consultation with their own Members.

1.3 - F&RS, SECAMB and Police Consultation

We remain in regular contact with all three emergency services and are closely monitoring the impact on blue light services. Sussex Police have reported one incident where they were unable to pursue a blue light call due to Pop Up Scheme congestion in Chichester, when a suspect continued by foot from a moving vehicle.

Saturday, 26 December 2020 20:23

Worzel Gummidge : the right and the wrong

Any child of the 80s will know you put a "Wor after W and a Wur after O" and lay bets on which way he would fall in the opening credits but the 2019/2020 version of Worzel allows us much more time to relive our youth and introduce the new generation to have a "slice of tea and a cup of cake"  (much like the Worst Witch) .

With the Xmas 2020 episode where they try and get Nancy back to the sea from Scatterbrook farm, someone on the sofa (not me) pointed out the "errors"

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