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General Chitchat

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You know I love the FOI right? well I also love safe bus stops. Here I asked why a couple of them were "dangerous or difficult".
The sections are taken from their own SOP manual which for the last few years has been marked as draft even though its a working document.

This is a formal request for a safety audit on the following bus stops.
Please find the reasons I feel that the following stops are unsafe and
require a full assessment. Any section numbers relate to the publicly available SOP

Friday, 26 February 2016 20:49

Fantastic Foster flat

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Beng an avid reader / listener of hoorr/ghost/mystery  fiction and  having some extra time recently while on holiday (aka no internet and bad tv reception) i was recommended a new to me author whle waiitng for the latest victoria laurie to be released and not having Horror theatre from the net.

Orrin Jason Bradford has a wide rang of subject material  but i opted for his short story collection, fantastic fables of foster flat.