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Thursday, 20 January 2022 18:21

Boots the Chemist can not process real film!?

Still using c41 process 35mm film , do not take it to Boots .

I entered store to put in several of 35mm film for developing. went to photo section to find a bank of self service PYO machines. went to pharmacy counter, told man i want to process some films, he pointed to machines and said "you do photos over there" i replied these are from a camera and i need the 35mm films developed. he said, yes, just plug the camera into the machine. i responded and said they are real film and needed to be developed first. he told me to go to the front of the store. at chichester there is no "front of the store" the main cashiers are located halfway down the store on one side. as the people there were in front of a load of electrical items i assumed they were that department.

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Chichester at 1230 Car parked on double yellow lines Area marked no stopping buses only Prevented a bus and lorry leaving side Road. Both vehicles had to reverse to get angle.

Hi Mandville, thanks for letting us know about this incident. We're sorry to hear about it. Before riding with Deliveroo, every rider completes a course in road safety training. Beyond this, all Deliveroo riders are given extra guidance to help make sure they're focused on road safety whenever they work with us. We expect all Deliveroo riders to obey the rules of the road. Your feedback informs the work our Rider Engagement Team do to make sure that we reinforce the importance of safety at all times when working with Deliveroo. Once again, we're sorry for your experience.

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Recently i watched one of the largest on line printers drop so many clangers that bordered on rudeness and gender abuse that i was shocked.

For the transcripts, i have changed the names of the agents, and the printers name.

To set the scene, the printer has a webchat form that can only be accessed while logged into your account, and you have to enter the basic first/last name, whats your issue into the boxes. I know for a fact these boxes were filled out with "do not use" in the first name and the question was "copy my postcard design to same sized flyer design"

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Tuesday, 29 August 2017 18:42

Why i hate Chichester signs

Why i hate Chichester signs is because no one takes care of them.

Take some modern examples. This bus stop map. Dreadful condition and right outside the cathedral. What makes it worse is that it lists services that stopped running 5 years ago,



If you want to get information, don't follow this sign that's hasn't shown the correct location for 5 years since the Novium opened.

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Friday, 09 June 2017 19:51

chichester hates bikes?

chichester supposedly supports cycling, but like the trike demonstrates above doesnt quite get it. 

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Thursday, 27 April 2017 19:57

inclusive or exclusive

Recently an organisation I work for held a meeting following a slight reshuffle. This group is currently flying the "everyone is included" banner and promoting accessibility (aka a11y*).

While at the 'decide a date' stage, the facilitator asked what was preferred, Google Hangouts or Skype. When one of the members complained that it was not really suitable for them and could it be audio recorded if it was on hangout.

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Sunday, 12 February 2017 18:23

my new raleigh array e bike

For a few years now i have had a hybrid bike, called an "Active" designed by Raleigh (more like someone stood next to a proper Raleigh and copied the design on an envelope). Its getting on a bit and is showing rust bubbles.
when work came up with the cycle to work scheme i decided to take advantage and get a new proper bike. Yes it took me ages to decide but for the sake of husky racing and speeding to work i went for a Raleigh Array. an E-bike, pedal assist.
when it arrived in a massive box, all that really needed doing was to straighten the handle bars and tighten.

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Wednesday, 27 July 2016 20:15

Overzealous interview requirements

Recently it has become apparent that companies are taking a very impersonal approach to employment requirements. They are becomng possibly nervous over the Right to work act and not falling foul of the immigration act.

Here is a transcript of a recent over the top email chain where the RTW act is overplayed and does not allow any leeway. Bolds added by me for highighting.

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Wednesday, 01 June 2016 22:30

sia failings

after35 minutes on friday in the musical roundabout, I Spoke to SIA after 28 minutes on hold, who despite saying they couldn't speak to me as I personally didn't do the online application, admitted that the letter they should have sent me on the 17th May wasn't actually sent.

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Thursday, 14 April 2016 22:51

Stand and Deliveroo

 Deliveroo are not a company that delivers marsupial meats as believed by Paul O'Grady

Using a fleet of cyclists and moped riders who are all self employed or freelance, the company delivers take away meals from restaurants.

It seems like a great deal for the cyclist who want to be paid to get fit or to do the sports and hobbies I love all the 16 and 17 year olds to earn their first major bit of pocket money


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