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deliveroo 092020

Eddielyn (Deliveroo UK)

Oct 18, 2020, 4:27 GMT+1

Hi Claire

Thanks for letting us know about this experience. We're very sorry to hear about it. To help make sure it doesn't happen again, I'll be sharing your report with our escalations team. They will look into it and make sure appropriate action is taken.

We'd appreciate it if you could reply to this email with any details you've not already shared, for example:

a short description of the incident
location of the incident (town/city and street)
time and date of the incident (the more specific, the better)
whether this was a Cyclist/Scooter/Motorbike/Car
the rider number plate (if applicable)
anything else that can help us to identify the rider
We're going to investigate this for you as soon as possible. A member of our team will be in touch again shortly.

Best wishes,

Deliveroo Team


Oct 18, 2020, 4:59 GMT+1

You mean all the info I already gave you twice?


Nicole (Deliveroo UK)

Oct 19, 2020, 15:52 GMT+1

Hi Claire,

Could you confirm the location of the incident (town/city and street) and the time and date of the incident (the more specific, the better)?

Senior Customer Care Specialist



Oct 19, 2020, 15:59 GMT+1


9th September is the date on the tweet.
I will have to go back more for the actual image.



Oct 19, 2020, 20:55 GMT+1


Sorry i do not know your given family name. I would use it to be more
professional and from this moment on you are NOT to address me by the
fore name shown on the email address. Have you read the wonderful
document called " How not to make a angry customer furious" it is really
good. It includes lines like "never be to informal" "do not ask for
information already given" .

You have been given the information and the photograph.

The registration number is HR19HDV (which does not show as being insured
for business use (aka takeaway delivery).

The photo was taken at 19:17 on 9th september 2020.

The driver/rider is clearly identified in the photograph.

So one month after making the initial complaint you are still no closer
to an investigation.


Jack (Deliveroo UK)

Oct 20, 2020, 11:30 GMT+1


Thanks for the detailed account of the incident, and I'm really sorry for any stress this has caused you.

My name is Jack and I work in the \Serious Complaints team at Deliveroo.

In light of the serious nature of the issue you have reported, I have escalated your complaint and we are investigating this as quickly as possible. A member of our team will be in touch shortly to discuss further.

We are now attempting to try and locate a rider who was in the area at the time of this incident, using all the information you have supplied.

Again, I apologise for the issues that you had to go through on this particular occasion and it's really not what we want to hear in regards to behaviour from our riders.

If there is any further information you wish to raise in the meantime, please do let me know.

Deliveroo Support


Request for relocation Feb18.pdf - mentions a meeting where the bus stop relocation was discussed but no evidence for this is provided.

Traffic data The Street south.pdf - data is unreadable due to very poor image

28mph Forward Visibility.jpg & 25mph Forward Visibility.jpg does nto show which option they relate to.

Jeremy Hunt WSCC.pdf - "County Council’s assessment of the application for the relocation of the bus stop " document was not provided in your response
"was established by speed surveys " - the actual location and data/proof of these surveys is still not provided.
" Mundham which has a bus shelter on a junction (photos attached)." - no photos provided
"subject to the vegetation overhanging the public highway being trimmed back." What is the result change if vegetation is not cut back? Has it been cut back?

Assessment Matrix.pdf and Procedure for Standard Bus Stop Location and Installation guidance notes....docx.pdf are apparently the same document, is this a mistake?

Bus Stop Site Plan Option 1.pdf - does not appear to relate to the speed sight lines and shows an impossible drivers perspective.
Bus Stop Site Plan Option 2.pdf does not show any sight lines

20181217 letter boxgrove pc.pdf- "Thank you for your letter of the 7thDecember 2018," - not provided.

Bus Strategy Consultation May 18.pdf - seems an incomplete document, or a copy and paste from another document with sections missing.

J Hunt re location of bus stop Juy 18.pdf -
"Indeed, the current bus-stop is far from being ideal as it is on the inside of a sweeping bend at a point where visibility is restricted and traffic speeds are higher." I understood the original location was approx 50feet further north and on a straight piece of road. Can you clarify .

Jeremy Hunt WSCC.pdf (7/12/18) - "These are shown on the attached plans. These options are supported by a matrix which assesses the existing bus stop location against the two potential options and identifies some of the key factors having regard to accessibility and safety." Are these the Matrix and option plans?

There is no response from the bus company shown.
There is no evidence of notification that the stop was moving.
There was no evidence of consultaion with interested parties.

Please review these points for clarifiation and to locate all the missing inormation.

Thank you

"The proposed location would be safer as there is a much wider footway area at this point which also offers the potential for a bus shelter and/or a bench." which would restrict the pathway to less than the required measurement.

" Following traffic would have to wait behind the bus due to the double white line (approx.30 seconds delay twice an hour) which may also deter some of the rat-running at peak times. If following drivers get impatient andwish to overtake the bus, visibility northwards is much clearer behind the bus than at the existing bus stop which is quite badly restricted due to the horizontal alignment ofThe Street and the presence ofon-street parking" not as proved by sight lines in option 1 drawing

community works covid updates for brighton and hove

Request help for yourself or someone else

  • Extremely vulnerable residents in Brighton & Hove with no other support can now tell the council directly if they need help during the coronavirus pandemic by filling in an easy to use form. People can also fill in the form for someone they know who is in this situation and can’t get online themselves. The form asks for details of who needs help and what support is required. The information is treated in strictest confidence and used to help people as quickly as possible. The council asks that everyone who can use the online forms does so in order to keep phone lines free for those who have no alternative.

Read more: community works covid updates for brighton and hove


You know i love the FOI right? well i also love safe bus stops. Here i asked why 3 of them were "dangerous or difficult".
The sections are taken from their own SOP manual which for the last few years has been marked as draft even though its a working document.

This is a formal request for a safety audit on the following bus stops.
Please find the reasons i feel that the following stops are unsafe and
require a full assessment. Any section numbers relate to the publicly available SOP

Read more: iisy