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Network Rail  is undergoing major refreshing of track and signals in the Barnham to Havant area https://www.networkrail.co.uk/running-the-railway/our-routes/sussex/upgrading-the-brighton-main-line/barnham-to-havant-improvement-works/ . Part of this work involves the closure of 2 major level crossins (Stockbridge Road and Basin Road) at the same time to both traffic and pedestrians. The only way to cross the line is to use the footbridge.
So therefore I realised that any motobility scootter, wheelchair or any other person unable to cross the footbridge would need an alternative route.
So i asked Network Rail

@networkrailwith the closure of both level crossings at #chichesterthis and next weekends to both vehicles and pedestrians, and with only the footbridge open,  how are you maintaining #accessforall#,#Disability  #wheelchairs"

There response was titled "How is Network Rail maintaining Access For All during the closure of both level crossing in Chichester?"
Regarding your query about the closure of both level crossings in Chichester, Network Rail apologises to all passengers, both able-bodied and those with disabilities. Our press statement is below:
Network Rail has today apologised to passengers for the continued closure of the railway between Barnham and Chichester due to signal faults.
The railway between Barnham and Chichester is currently closed due to signal faults associated with work on the line upgrade between Barnham and Havant.
Engineering teams are on site working to fix the problem and reopen the railway as soon as possible.
Dan Athol, Programme Director, Network Rail Southern said: “We apologise to passengers for the inconvenience caused. Signalling equipment is vital to the safe operation of a railway and we are working hard to repair these systems”
A bus replacement service will operate frequently between Chichester and Barnham.
London trains will depart from Barnham and Littlehampton but may run to an amended timetable
As planned, buses will also be running between Chichester and Havant all week.
Please check before you travel at www.nationalrail.co.uk or talk to station staff.
I hope this information is helpful, and if you have further queries please call our 24 hour helpline on 03457 114141.
Kind Regards"

Now you may notice that NONE of the above information actually answers my question, they closed the ticket and left the building. So i dutifully rang them up and requested AGAIN that they answer the original question.
Now a problem that exists these days is the social media team cant access the complaints computer, the complaints team cant access the web to see the tweets/pictures etc.
While speaking the team, one idea of going to the station, using the left, and coming up the other side was mentioned. Great, but the station is closed as there are NO trains!
Helpfully the lady on the phone looked at an engineering map and i talked her through the diversion a less abled person would have to take. eg from the nursing homes to the bus station. See the map, its only 1.22 miles, so lets await the response this time.