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Sunday, 10 April 2016 19:26

using the bus in sussex

Buses are  changing, there is a silent revolution among drivers who appear to be reeducating passengers how to catch the bus according to traditional value

Here are the simple rules for using a bus

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Saturday, 25 July 2015 23:01

University of Sussex - cant add up

A recent FOI request asked for some details on the state of the roads at sussex university. mainly, how legal are the road signs, who is responsible for them and what enforcement is carried out (specifically in the bus/cycles only lane areas).

The answer originally came back that the roads even though on private property were subject to the Road Traffic Act. Road signs were legal specification and were the responsibility of the Estate services to maintain (or not ). The final part of the question produced the most shocking revelation and mistake.

There had been numerous fines issued for [parking] offenders.

The original question asked

In areas marked as restricted, eg Bus & cycles only, cycles only, no entry, what is the enforcement level.

3) Enforcement of all traffic and parking regulations comes under the control of the University security team.

In areas where enforcement takes place, how many breaches of rules have resulted in fines or similar.

4) For the period 1 January 2013 - 31 December 2013 1048 penalty notices were issued.

This was obviously unbelievable so it was clarified, in item 4)
= please do not count pay and display parking fines as these werenot requested, but only count the areas requested, eg Bus & cycles only, cycles only, no entry,
Their response.
4) Having taken on board your clarification 'please do not count pay and display parking fines ..[and] only count the areas requested, eg Bus & cycles only, cycles only, no entry', the response is that there has been no enforcement that ended in a Fixed penalty fine being issued for any of the areas that are indicated.

Look closely, they have added a word to the FOI question, (tut tut) and despite them stating the Security team are responsible, NO "fines" or enforcement has been handed out.

Therefore to all you Tesco, Asda, pizza (majority uninsured) and taxi drivers don't worry about parking in a BUS LANE as defined within the road traffic act. Just remember that any accidents that happen on campus property must be reported to security (who will no doubt then enforce the RTA).

Sussex University,
1. you are missing a great revenue stream.
2. Your security team are not fulfilling their role by NOT enforcing your own rules (fining bus lane drivers/preventing uninsured vehicles to enter your property)
http://www.sussex.ac.uk/sef/services/transport/ordinances-and-regulations/traffic (2.3 - if a pizza driver doesn't have insurance for delivering pizza then the entire insurance is invalid!)

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